Friday, 25 October 2013

Presenting RSKYR 009

Community 3 - a compilation of Hobart music will be released November 25th on CD/download. Available via the Rough Skies Bandcamp and good independent record stores.

  1. Heart Beach – Weather
  2. Small Black Lambs – City Of Gold
  3. Dogtower – Trinkets
  4. The Native Cats - Intimidation
  5. Naked – Think About Death
  6. Unfolding Vostoks - Bardo Rivers
  7. Venuslight Overdrive – Impossible
  8. All Fires – Persona
  9. The Hunter – XVI
  10. Treehouse – Interzone
  11. The Anthony Rochesters - Keep Your Eyes On The Prize
  12. The Lucky Dips - One Word
  13. Machines Of Indeterminate Origin - Rejection Letter
  14. Molle St Therapist – Ridding The City
  15. Catsuit - Drowsy
  16. Peter Escott - Unrepresentative
  17. Mess O’Reds – Warm Beer
Art by Brendan Boucher and audio mastered by Greg Wadley.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

presenting RSKYR 008

Following two EPs, 2009's 0.5 – PRESUMPT10N and 2011's 0.5 – ASSUMPTION and a couple of compilation appearances, Hobart duo MACH1NES 0F 1NDETERM1NATE 0R1G1N release their first full length album '1.0 – SYMPT0MS'. Writing for the 8 song album began soon after the the July 2011 release of their second EP with recording taking place from the later half of 2011 and early 2012. The majority of the album was recorded at guitarist Aaron Metcalf home studio The Shed. Some vocal elements were recorded in public conveniences and underpass tunnels to incorporate natural acoustics. The album was mixed at drummer/vocalist Matt Warren's studio Dead Letter Office, towards the middle of 2012. 

And finally courtesy of RSR, M010 will also release the album on a hand-numbered limited edition of 100 12” vinyl LP, remastered by James Plotkin.

Available now via the Rough Skies Bandcamp or via Tommy Gun Records in Hobart.

Here's a video for the song "Stab", made by Sally Rees:

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Presenting RSKYR 007

Kinda chuffed to be putting out our first vinyl release, a live recording of the Hobart Improv Collective performing on top of Mount Wellington in Hobart in January 2012.
Limited to 100 copies with each sleeve individually hand-designed, the album will be launched at Tommy Gun Records on Record Store Day on Saturday the 20th of April.

The Improv Collective will be doing two performances in-store during the day and the LP (if not sold out on the day) will be available via the Rough Skies Bandcamp

Have a listen

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Some new Bandcamp sites where you can purchase Rough Skies releases and other related stuff, plus there's a bunch of free downloads:
The Native Cats
The Bad Luck Charms
The Frustrations
Community compilations

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Naked - Run at Me

Naked - Run at Me

Presenting RSKYR 006!

Brace yourself Hardcore/Folk/Noise/Jazz enthusiasts! Rough Skies Records is very proud to announce the release of the Naked - Recorded At Sam's Place cassette. These will be available very soon in Tommy Gun Records and through Steamboat Records. There's a launch for the tape at the Grand Poobah on May 16th, then Naked will be playing in Melbourne later in the month. More live footage and sounds to follow soonish.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Naked - One Foot After Another (live)

This is a live version of their song from the Community 2 compilation, shot on my phone.